Makes the next sale much easier

    Commercials that work...

    …bring prospects to your advertiser.

    Commercials that work...

    …make money for your advertiser.

    Commercials that work...

    …make advertisers happy.

    Commercials that work...

    …earn you more commission.

    Commercials that work

      Earn you more commission.

      We approach each script with a proven and copyrighted process to develop advertising messages that do what they’re supposed to do.

        Grab the attention of your audience

        Identifying the target audience and grabbing their attention is the core of any advertising.

        Allow THE ADVERTISER to stand apart from your competitors

        This message has to be different than the one the competition is using.  We’ll take what makes the advertiser unique and create an irresistible message.


        Potential customers need a clearly defined method of response or else they won’t, umm, respond.  Let’s make this easy for them.

        Make great ADVERTISING a Priority


        The Solution for Advertising Executives, Sales Managers and Station Owners who
        desperately need to write effective radio copy.

        During The Meeting

        We will have a 30 to 45-minute video or phone meeting where I learn the basics about you, your advertiser and the goal your advertiser hopes to accomplish with this commercial.


          During this meeting, we will begin to create a comprehensive Advertiser Portfolio. I will ask you a ton of questions about:


          • The business we’ll be advertising
          • Their goals, as they relate to this campaign and in general
          • Other advertising campaigns currently in use
          • Other advertising campaigns they’ve tried
          • Other advertising media currently in use (web, TV, Social Media, etc.)
          • The station(s) this advertisement will be on

           We’ll also talk about our Script Writing Process


          • How the process works – specifics details
          • What to expect as the writing process continues
          • More questions unique to your advertiser
          • Your questions

          Finally, we’ll decide if our process and your advertising goals are compatible.  They usually are, but sometimes they’re not. 

          And that’s okay.  We’ll still be friends. 

          By the way, if we’re not already…let’s be friends.  Here is where you can find me on Social Media:

          The Paperwork

          The process we use to create commercials is so effective, it is copyrighted.   So, there’s a bit of paperwork and some signatures involved.  We’ll get that out of the way next. 

          Constructing The Message

          This is when the magic happens and the whole team gets on board.  

          The creative team is gathered and we will begin to brainstorm, debate (argue), yell, scream, cry, apologize to each other, argue, err, debate some more.  The process is creative, complex, often emotional and always effective as we gradually create the advertising message that will get results for you or your advertiser. 

          We will examine everything we learned in the Advertiser Portfolio, we will do more research of the advertiser online, we’ll research their competitors, we’ll arm-wrestle, sip lattes and then the hamster wheels really start to turn as we begin to create a unique commercial script that will accomplish the goals we’ve established.

          We will write, re-write, edit, write again and edit again until we have carefully chosen each word, sentence, thought and phrase to be the most compelling possible. 

          Turn your adverising into a customer generating and money making investment

          LONG and short term solutions

          We provide plenty of options

          A single script

          A few scripts

          Ongoing writing support

          Annual advertising campaigns

          Schedule a meeting now before another dollar is wasted on advertising that isn’t effective, doesn’t get results and makes repeat sales more and more difficult.

          Who We Are

          Glen Pavlovich

          Glen Pavlovich

          Glen Pavlovich, the founder of Pavlovich Marketing began his career in advertising and marketing in 1989 with a career in radio. Immediately his study of markets, messages, audience building, and the full marketing arsenal began.  More than 30 years later, he has continued to help businesses with their advertising campaigns, websites, e-commerce, and business management, all the while learning about new marketing vehicles, trends, target audiences, and message crafting.  He founded Pavlovich Marketing with one goal in mind:


          To help BroadcastersSmall Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs, regardless of industry, create marketing that isn’t just advertising. It’s the core of their business.  Marketing and advertising that is an investment, not an expense.


          We are very selective when we select clients with whom to work.  We want to be certain we will help them get results, not simply spend their money.



          In 2008 Glen opened Commercials By The Dozen to help radio stations make better radio.  We do this by providing affordable commercial production to radio stations, offering pre-written scripts, custom script writing, consulting, and sales training. Commercials By The Dozen maintains a generous stable of ongoing clients and continues to thrive.

          In 2019 Glen stepped back from his primary role at Commercials By The Dozen to concentrate on teaching and coaching the sales process to various industries.