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The fastest and most versatile hot-button instant audio player on the market today.  Instant download with no hardware to buy.  See more information below.  Try it before you buy it!  Download a fully functional demo here.

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Try It Before You Buy It

Download a fully functional demo.

Unlimited Hot Keys

56 Instant Audio hotkeys per page.  Create unlimited pages

Multiple Sound Devices

Assign the players to any sound device

Built In Recorder

Extremely easy built in recorder for getting audio onto a hotkey quickly

Custom MSStyles

Create your own skins or use some of our pre-made styles.

Touch Screen Compatible. Ready for podcasting, internet radio, play-by-play or broadcast radio

56 Instant audio buttons per page

 Create an unlimited number of cart-sets.  Each cart-set can contain 10 pages of buttons.  Each page contains up to 56 buttons.

3 Playback decks + instant audio deck

 Sequence audio in the decks using segue points you’ve set or let the DAC auto sequence.

database browser

Robust database browser with extensive library search/sort and on-screen keyboard

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Ducking mode

Decks can duck audio while the instant audio deck is playing.  Ideal for playing clips over a music bed

Administrator login

Administrator Login option to prevent presenters from tampering with the settings/jingle sets


Securely logs played items

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use multiple sound devices

Each playback deck can be assigned to a different audio device.  Or, route them all through one for simple single chanel playback.

RECORDING  deck audio device

The recording deck can use a unique audio device so the sequencer can be playing audio while you simultaniously record and edit.


VU meter response time is adjustable

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Top TAIL and normalize

Editing calls, interviews and quick sound bites in the recording deck is simple with auto normalize and auto top/tail

Network compatible

Store audio files on a server or remote computer

Automatically rotate audio

Assign multple audio files to a single hot key and auto rotate through them.  Dozens of music tracks on on button

Additional information

License Selection

1 License, 2 Licenses, Unlimited Licenses

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