Frequent Questions


Will you give me a copy of the music bed you used on my commercial?

Nope.  The licenses associated with the music libraries we use do not allow us to do that.  Sorry, rules are dumb. 


There were mispronunciations in my commercial. Does the re-cut count toward my monthly usage?

Maybe. It is always best to include an mp3 of a word that is likely to be mispronounced. Everyone seems to write their pronunciation guides differently and each VO seems to interpret them just as differently, so an mp3 guide is the best way to communicate the correct pronunciation.

Did we misread the script, mispronounce a common word, deliver an incorrect pronunciation when an mp3 was provided?  Then you aren’t charged.

Did you neglect to provide us with an mp3 pronunciation guide for a name, city name or other unusual/regional pronunciation; provide a pronunciation guide that was inaccurate?  Then  the re-cut will count toward your monthly usage. 


Will you use music or a jingle that I provide?

Sure!  We will also require you to provide written documentation explicitly granting you “synching” (synchronization) rights for the music/jingle you provide.  These agreements are negotiated between the owners of the music copyright and your organization.  This is not your station’s ASCAP/BMI/SESAC performance licence.  Finally, you will be required to provide a “Hold Harmless” agreement to be signed by an authorized C-level executive. Seems simple enough, huh?


Do you write the commercials too?

Sure!  We offer script-writing, go here to schedule a consult to talk about it.  How about a pre-written script that you just need to drop the advertiser’s name into?  Those are here.


Most of the audio samples have music and sound effects in them, but my audio is voice only. Can you put music in my audio?

Absolutely.  Upgrade to a fully produced package and we’ll start adding music to your spots too!


I'm having trouble with the Script Submission process?

We’ve created a video to walk you through the steps.  Here.


Realistically, how fast should expect that my commercials are going to be returned?

We Guarantee that your commercials will be uploaded in 48-hours (excluding weekends and posted holidays).  But, we’re often much faster.  This clock is updated daily and reflects the current average wait time.

Our operating hours and guarantee will be affected by the following days:  Saturday, Sunday, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, U.S. Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.  Any script we receive on these days is considered having arrived at 9 AM on the next regularly scheduled workday. 


Why do you need my Machine Code?

 When activating Direct Audio Center the user is asked to provide us with their Machine Code. This is a hardware code that allows us to be sure nobody has stolen your activation key.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t give us access to any personal information.  


Who owns the audio?

You own all the audio. To be more precise, the Terms of Service indicates that the person or company paying the bill owns the audio.  The music and sfx we use is under license from the publishers, so ownership of those elements remain with them.  We retain the right to use audio provided by Commercials By The Dozen in promotional advertising.


If I sign up today, when does my subscription renew? In other words, when do I have to pay again?

Your subscription will renew on the monthly anniversary of your subscription. So, if you signed up on the 14th of the month; your subscription would renew on the 14th of the following month.


Can you guarantee me exclusivity in my market?

Sure!  While signing up you have the option to select which market you’d like to have exclusivity in.  


What about scripts that are less than or longer than 30?

A 15-second script (or shorter) = 0.5 unit

A 30-second script = 1 unit

A 45-second script = 1.5 units

A 60-second script = 2 units


What if I need more than 12 commercials per month?

Let us know, and we’ll build a custom package to fit what you need.